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Climate Change, Peace and Security​

Climate Change, Peace and Security Climate change is often considered as a threat to peace and stability in the world. It is rightfully recognized as a “threat multiplier.” What does the term mean and why is it often used in relation to climate change, peace and security? Climate change is a problem not only by…
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Peace Education in Schools​

Peace Education in Schools Nowadays, when the world is facing so many challenges in terms of conflicts in different parts around the globe, teaching young people about peace is more important than ever. Thus, the topic – peace education in schools – is gaining more and more importance. Implementing peace education in schools is not…
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Visits in the Youth Center: What is it Like?

Visits in the Youth Center: What is it Like? It has been a month since I became PACE’s first international volunteer. Even though a month is not a long time, there have already been some interesting visits within and outside Tallinn. In this blog I will tell you about the visits in one of youth…
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Interethnic Networks and Societal Peace

Interethnic Networks and Societal Peace There are many societies around the world where different ethnic groups live together. However, examples show that some manage to live peacefully, without having violent conflict, while others do not. So there is always a question, why does it happen that some ethnically heterogeneous communities manage to live peacefully and…
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Hope: A Spark for the Future of Human Rights​

As the world encounters chaos, human rights experience challenges. The problems that we have to face in regard to human rights can be overwhelming and exhausting. Some may find themselves losing hope for the future of human rights. However, we should remember to shine hope as human rights for people to maintain solidarity and to bring solutions to the ongoing struggles. One another thing that we should remember is how far human rights have been achieved throughout history.

Contemporary Challenges of the Digital Age: Disinformation, Misinformation and Fake News

The digital age has explicitly made our lives easier. In fact, the world is knitted together more than any time in history. The digital age enables us to reach information in seconds. Whilst the various advantages, the digitalisation brought challenges along with itself. Any information can be found online. To be more specific, as anyone can share any information, it is very easy to come across false information. In this post, I would like to discuss the reflections of the challenges in the digital age on immigrants and refugees in the context of false information and fake news.

Understanding “Peace Education”

Throughout history the definition of the term “peace” has changed due to various challenges that the world has faced. Peace education evolved around different understanding of the term. Whilst contemporary challenges in the world brought a broader and diverse definition of “peace”, peace education has become more crucial to promote peace and solidarity within communities.

On Migration in Estonia, and why we should speak about it?

In 2017, NGO Mondo conducted a survey on migration in several European countries, including Estonia. The results were eye opening -only 28% of young people in Estonia thought that they were well informed on the topic of migration, and 31% thought, that immigration to Europe by people from outside of the EU is problematic. In my opinion, this kind of statistics show that people are still uninformed about the wider concept of immigration, and about the reasons behind people moving abroad.

We went to Narva

I’m sitting in a crowded train, checking the time… Two hours to go…

My eyes are heavy, and it’s hard to concentrate on schoolwork, but the dream of a hot tub and a comfortable hotel bed, where I can rest my bones, is soon forgotten, when I get a message from Susanna, saying that we are asked to join a concert. My dream has vanished as quickly as it appeared.