Hope: A Spark for the Future of Human Rights​

Hope: A Spark for the Future of Human Rights

As the world encounters chaos, human rights experience challenges. The problems that we have to face in regard to human rights can be overwhelming and exhausting. Some may find themselves losing hope for the future of human rights. However, we should remember to shine hope as human rights for people to maintain solidarity and to bring solutions to the ongoing struggles. One another thing that we should remember is how far human rights have been achieved throughout history.

Human rights discourses mainly address the ongoing struggles and expose violations. Aside from the challenges that human rights encounters have to be addressed, as human beings we should sometimes gain a more positive perspective in overcoming these struggles. Whilst being dedicated to making known the struggles and injustice when promoting human rights, hope is what people need to understand that there are alternatives to all these struggles. Hope is what makes human rights thrive.

In the digital age we can know what is happening across the world in seconds. The spread of awareness of the struggles and challenges in human rights has increased more and become easier. We may say it is easier marking the injustices going on in the world and spreading the awareness of human rights. People are now more aware of what human rights are and why they are important. It will not be wrong to say that the number of people who care and work for human rights increased with the convenience that the digital age has provided us. It is because of this very reason why there are various human rights that need to be addressed today as people are more aware of what’s happening and what needs to be changed.

As the people are more aware of what is happening in the world, some may accept the reality that we live in a world of crisis and that nothing can be changed. First of all, we should remember what we stand for instead of what we oppose. As human rights, in one explanation, are for all people to establish and maintain peace and solidarity not in one society but internationally, this common view will flourish the hope and the hope will make human rights thrive. In my humble opinion, the idea of establishing communities where people understand, respect and take care of each other is what we ought to focus on. Furthermore, we should mobilise hope. One way to do that can be understanding that everyone is doing their best and seeing throughout history how ordinary people have been showing extraordinary strength and had effects even at minimum for people around them. These all can be essential to shape the hopeful vision that we draw in our minds for the further accomplishments of human rights.

I would like to summarise my words by these very beautiful chinese proverb which became a saying in Amnesty International:


Sümeyye Temirov

Volunteer | MA Candidate in Human Rights